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Changshu City Tongda Pencil Machinery Factory
Contact person: Mr. Xu
Mobile phone: 13806234062
Tel: 0512-52471121
Email: 13806234062@139.com
Zip code: 215500
Website: www.cstdzb.com

    Changshu  Tongda Pencil machinery factory is located in beautiful Yangcheng Lake, is a company with forty years history of the old plant. Forty years is a Insist on, is a persistent, it is in itself means that in addition to the outside of another kind of success. Tongda has not in the course of development in the long Getting old and loss of morale, attempt nothing and accomplish nothing; never to vary from minute to minute and surging tide of the market access is not submerged;Had a moment to change "the user first, quality first" is the consistent adherence to the principle of operation. In short, mastery is a firm and indomitable, isConstantly refurbished, is constantly......

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Solid glue tube insert machine
High-speed planing pole machines
Beam clamp machine
Cover film machine
XL 2001 router
Plastic core machine
XL - 2003 pencil grinding plane rod machine
XL - 2004 pencil longitudinal circular sanding machine
XL - 2005 paint machine
XL - 2006 pencil single-sided cutting machine
XL - 2007 double recognize surface printer
XL - 2008 pencil with eraser machine
XL - 2010 sawing machine
XL - 2011 heat transfer machine
Rub the pen machine
Remove pen drive
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